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Our Jute Products
Jute bag
Jute bag
Jute bag Embroidery
Jute bag
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Raw Jute
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Our Jute Products:

Jute, a natural fibre, has been in use for various purpose over the centuries throughout the world.

Jute Diversified Products:
Various types of jute and jute blended products for household and furnishing uses.

Like Jute bag, Jute rope, Jute dyed fabric, Camo burlap, Hessian Cloth, Jute twine, Jute tape
Jute Made Shopping Bags/Jute Beer Tote / Bag/Jute Fabric (Gunny) / wine bag. Jute handicrafts, etc.

Jute shoes


Fabric shoes

Raw Jute

Jute Handicrafts

Jute rope/cord/line

and more other items

Detailed Product Description:

We are offering to sell Jute Beer Bags / Totes from Bangladesh with following specifications:

Front & back: 18 (width) x 17 (height) cms

Two sides: 12 (width) x 17 (height) cms

Bottom: 18 (width) x 12 (depth) cms

Inside 6 compartment of 6 x 6 cms

All dimensions are internal, i.e., excluding the area outside the stitch line. We can produce the bags per
customer's specifications, colors and add lamination or customer logo.

Advantage of Use of Jute Products / Goods:

Jute, having been the most environment-friendly natural fibre because of its inherent unique properties
has counts of advantages over other man-made artificial polymer fibre products.

* Jute being natural is biodegradable. It does not plug the natural pore of the earth soil and surface.

* When burned, it emits the same fume as a burning wood as we know, is nothing dangerous.

* It has no adverse effect on human body and the mother nature as a whole.

Some Standard Bags:

Australian Bran Bag, Fertilizer Bag, Japanese Rice Bag, Onion Pocket, Potato Bag, Shopping Bag ete.
Carpet (Secondary) Backinq Cloth (CBC) Width: 47" - 203"; Weight: 5.5 - 9.0 ozs./sq.yd.; Packing: 500 -
1000 yds.1 roll. Jute Yarn and Twine Quality: CB, Hessian and Sacking; Ply: 1- 3; Count:8 - 20 lbs.;
packing: Precision / Mackroll in hank.

Please note: Any orders and Sizes: Available as per buyer's requirement;

For quotation: CanAm Everest Inc. for any quotation from any country like china,India, Bangladesh etc.
Please fill up our Jute Products/Goods
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Please contact us for Jute shoes, sandal, fabrics shoes, sandal etc. We can assure the best quality and
competitive price.

Our prices are very, very competitive.
Jute beer bag
Jute bag Embroidery