Our  Works and  Efforts :-

Our efforts to supply the best quality and value added shrimps. We guarantee defined quality and ready to meet the quality
demand of the buyers. We always work on behalf of Buyer. Our main objective is to find the best price of shrimps for the Buyer.  
We work between packer and Buyer to get best price. We offer the best price of Black Tiger, Red Tiger, white, grey and brown
shrimp etc, for small to medium sized businesses than ever before.

In our continued effort to provide you with best Price, Service and Quality Shrimps/Products. We have listened to yours needs as
shrimps and have realized that we can give you the unbeatable price of shrimps and supply for you in seafood businesses than
ever before.

Therefore, we have more than over years experience person’s work for this field to offer best price you want. Our value-added
services such as time to time are checking, packing, qualities shipment etc.

Our Proposed Services towards for buyers are as follows:

1) We work on behalf of buyer to protect their interests in Bangladesh.
2) To collect best and competitive offers/ price from Quality Packers for the buyer
3) To sincere price-negotiation between packers and Buyer
4)  Pre-shipment inspections by our skilled inspector    
6) From beginning time to time checking quality and packaging
7) The products are shipment in time in presence of our inspector
8) Time to time contact with buyer about progress of the product
9)  To make sure all step are done properly
10) Try to solve quickly, if any problem arise
11)  Providing other importers/buyers activities here
12)  And also manage all aspects of Buyer’s requirements

There are 5 / five types of Shrimps and we try to find the best price of shrimps for Buyer depending on the
season :-

                                    SCIENTIFIC NAME                                                SEASON   

1. Sea Water black Tiger                        Penaeus Monodon                        Start from March and finish December

2. Fresh Water Shrimps                         Macrobrachium rosenbergi           Start from October and finish February   

3. Sea Water White /Chaka                    Penaeus indicus                           Start from December and finish May. Local
                                                                                                  White Shrimps start October and finish July

4. Sea Water Gray /Harina                    Meta Penaeus monoceros             Start from January and finish July

5. Sea  Water Red Tiger/Harina             Penaeus semisulcatus                  Start from March and finish December


1.  Fresh Water Shrimps :- U/5,6/8,8/12,13/15,16/20,21/25,26/30,31/40,41/50,51/60

2.  For Sea Water Black Tiger:- 6/8,8/12,13/15,16/20,21/25,26/30,31/40,41/50,51/60,61/70

3 & 4  Sea Water White /Gray Shrimps: - 26/30,31/40,41/50.51/60,61/70,71/90,91/120.100/200,200/300, 300/500 and Broken

The products forms are:

1.      Head-on Shell-on whole/semi-IQF

2.    Head-less Shell-on black tiger

3.    Butterfly/Screwer

4.    Peeled and Tail-on

5.    Peeled and Deveined (P&D)i.e without vein

6.    Peeled and undeveined (PUD)i.e with vein

7.    Block Frozen

8.    Individual Quick Frozen

9.    Blanched/Cooked Peeled and undeveined (PUD)

a) Headless shellon, P&D, PUD both Block & IQF Forms  b) Headless and Headon shellon P&D, PUD Tailon both Block & IQF Forms.  

All are available in both block and
IQF  forms. Packing is available as per Buyer’s specifications.

The processing  and packing is conducted in most hygienic and sanitary conditions under the EU directives and USFDA  sea Food
HACCP rules and regulation. The Government Fish Inspection & Quality Control officials regularly inspect the plant and check over
all condition of the plant and its processing activities.

Our shrimp are sized and sold by count which is the number of shrimp per pound. For example, 6/8 count means there are 6 to 8
shrimp per pound. Counts for our shrimp from U/5 and 6/8, 9/12, 13/15 count (Big/Jumbo Shrimps) to 61/70 count (small Shrimps)

1)Sea Water Black Tiger (Penaeus monodon): are concentrated off the Bangladesh, Khulna, Satkhira and Chittagong  
coast and are mostly caught from  March and  Finish in December This shrimps grows 7 to 9 inches.

2)Sea water White Shrimp (Penaeus indicus/Penaeus setiferus): are concentrated East Asia White shrimp and which
are start to caught from October and finish in February. This shrimps grow 5 to 7 inches.

3)Sea water Gray/Brown shrimp (Meta penaeus monoceros/Penaeus aztecus): are concentrated off the Bangladesh,
Khulna, Satkhira coast and are mostly caught in the spring and summer months. Browns tend to be firmer than whites which
makes them good for battering, and have a stronger, slightly iodine flavor. They typically account for around 55% of the domestic
catch. Males reach 7 inches, while females grow to 9.

There are some pictures below:

   Fresh water Shrimps                                              Black tiger / Penaeus monodon

   Fresh water Prawns/Macrobrachium  rosenbergi                                  Butterfly

1) To shell fresh shrimp: beginning at the legs, peel the shell up toward the top of the shrimp; repeat on the other side until the
shell slips off. If desired, gently pull on the tail portion of the shell and remove it.

2) To devein shelled shrimp: use a small sharp knife to make a shallow slit along its back from the head end to the tail. Rinse
under cold running water to remove the vein, using the tip of a knife, if necessary.

3) To butterfly shelled shrimp: split the back of the shrimp with a small sharp knife without separating it into two halves. Press
the shrimp down flat like a butterfly.

4) To store fresh shrimp: put shrimp in the coldest part of the refrigerator at 32-38°F in a covered container wrapped in ice.
Replace ice as it melts and drain off the water. For maximum quality, cook fresh shrimp within one to two days of purchase. If
planned use is more than two days following purchase, freshness is better maintained if shrimp are frozen the day of purchase.
Cooked shrimp may be stored in the refrigerator for two to three days. Freeze or refrigerate leftovers promptly.

5) To freeze fresh shrimp: freeze shrimp raw, with shell on, and completely submerged in water. This prevents freezer burn
and drying out, and retains flavor and texture. Use heavy-duty freezer bags or Tupperware or any container that will hold water
without puncturing. Freeze in amounts that you plan to use for each meal. Raw headless shrimp in the shell maintain quality during
freezing longer than frozen, cooked shrimp and are best if frozen at the peak of freshness. Frozen raw shrimp maintains quality
for approximately 6-7 months though it can be kept longer, whereas home frozen cooked shrimp begin to lose quality after
approximately one month.

6) To thaw shrimp: run  frozen shrimp under cold running water until completely thawed or thaw shrimp in the refrigerator.
Never thaw in hot water or at room temperature.

We hope for your confidence, it is our commitment to maintain the best quality of our product and services to meet your
requirements under a modern management system. We are also, committed to bringing you the quality products, great pricing to
meet your satisfaction.

Fishes available in Bangladesh water both in inland and  the Bay of Bengal  Ocean.  Some quantity of Black Tiger shrimp, Gray,
Fresh water Shrimps are raised from culture bed near to the Sundarbans – the world heritage, biggest mangrove forest of the
world; and also most of the Shrimps and Fishes in her rivers, estuaries and the territorial economic zones in the sea.

Fresh water and sea water shrimp are brought from the culture centre, catching centers in properly preserved condition with due
care and the freshness and quality are strictly checked while receiving at the plant. While sea fish and freshwater fish are caught
by various types of traditional nets,  Gill-nets and deep-sea trawling.

Bangladesh shrimp and fish are grown under natural environment maintaining the original taste and texture of the products.
Scientifically processed and absolutely free from industrial pollution, Bangladesh offers a unique combination of natural resources
and export friendly infrastructure, thereby making country's fisheries items genuinely popular all over the world.

We have our own team and management, who are  specializes in helping with price small, medium and large size businesses
manage all aspects of their requirements products / shrimps in hand in time with best price.

For further details, please contact  us or send an e-mail at :
We have years of experience.
We know what it takes to market your products effectively.
We will carefully listen to your needs and exceed your expectations.
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